January 7th, 2012


Winter Complaints

My shopping had to be shifted from Sunday to Saturday, so I'm probably going to be forgetting what day it is for the rest of the week. Changes of routine routinely confuse me. They become especially confusing when one day is pretty much like another, and this January is being more monotonous than January typically is. Drought will do that.

It's supposed to get windy tonight, though. That could break the monotony. It will be welcome, unless it also breaks any trees. Broken trees can break the electric lines, and broken electric lines bring a whole other kind of monotony— being without television or Internets. Not to mention freezing in the dark.

Dinner is late again. I let myself get distracted. I was going to stuff a pepper with mushrooms and rice, but that takes too long. Beans again then. It's a good thing the can opener was invented. I'd starve without canned goods.