rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Helter Swelter III

Too hot to sleep. Too hot to cook. Too hot to eat, anyway, and I've downed gallons of liquids, so eating might be dangerous. A malted would be nice, but I don't feel like making one. Maybe if I don't pass out I'll microwave some popcorn later tonight. Thursday is now predicted to be the hottest upcoming day, at 106 degrees. Somebody kill me now.

Too hot for Internet. I'm going outside where it's a mere 84 degrees. It's 86 in the house. With luck it'll get down to 80 in here before dawn. But I'm too stubborn to give in to the siren call of the air conditioner. It just wants to take my money and give it to the utility company. I've never trusted that machine. I'm sure it's in league with the international bankers syndicate.

Outside now, where the crickets' song will soothe my brain.

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