December 18th, 2011



Sunset was supposed to arrive about two minutes later today than it did yesterday, but I didn't notice the difference. All I noticed was the scattered bits of cloud turning red and mauve, then going gray, and a few stars appearing. It grew too cold outdoors for my comfort, and I have grown to prefer comfort over such things as stars and the chilly evenings of those days when fall is giving way to winter.

It wasn't long ago that I would watch a December night arrive from the first faint gathering of dusk under the densest stands of trees until full darkness had revealed the blaze of stars wheeling across the light-drained sky, but it seems ages past. Longer spans of time diminish the pleasure in shorter ones, or at least change the pleasures we draw from them. These days I like the heat rising from the floor grates, and soft upholstery for my backside rather than cold ground under my feet. A few stars or moonlit clouds can't compensate for shivering or for aches in joints. December is what it was, but I am not.

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