December 16th, 2011



I can barely keep my eyes open this evening. For a while, the television was trying to put me to sleep, now the Internets are trying to put me to sleep. Even the cat is trying to put me to sleep, lying on my lap and purring. It's a huge conspiracy to make me sleep! Maybe I shouldn't have had that extra helping of macaroni and cheese.

If I go to sleep now I'll be waking up at one or two o'clock in the morning, and then dragging around all morning tomorrow until I collapse sometime in the early afternoon. I could stay awake with real coffee, but if I drink real coffee now I'll probably be wide awake well past dawn, and then end up sleeping until almost dinnertime tomorrow.

What would be helpful would be for something interesting to happen. It would have to be something dramatic enough to keep me awake, but not so dramatic that it would make me faint. A big earthquake, for example, might wake me up, but it could also cause the house to fall on my head and render me unconscious. That would be counterproductive. But it's unlikely that anything interesting will happen here.

Perhaps some fresh air would be sufficient. The house is rather stuffy with all the windows closed, especially now that the cracks around to doors have been weatherstripped. Here's yet another reason to dislike winter. It's a participant in a plot! Why does everything want me to sleep? I hope it isn't aliens wanting to probe me who are behind the whole thing. But then maybe the image of being probed by aliens will be enough to keep me awake for a few more hours.

No, I think I'll try the fresh air first. Looking at the stars, however cold the night is, is way more pleasant than sitting around thinking about alien probes.