December 13th, 2011

caillebotte_man at his window


The air has been December cold but August dry of late. Last winter's redeeming grace was its wetness, which compensated for the cold by making water more abundant the following summer. I'd hate to put up with a cold winter and get no precipitation in the bargain. The lawns, turned green by fall rain, have begun getting brown patches in them. This is no time of year to be irrigating things.

The cold has brought down most of the mulberry leaves already. Some years they linger into January, but this year the tree will probably be utterly bare by Christmas. The one advantage of the dryness is that the fallen leaves, normally fleshy and unwieldy, have been dessicated, and I will be able to mash the entire tree's worth of them into two wheelie bins. Less leaf mass to deal with is always a plus.

A store on the other side of town had a sale on my favorite beer, and as the store I usually go to tends to run out of it during the holidays, I snagged four six packs. I'm thus assured of adequate beer into early January, and saved two bucks in the process. I consider it a Christmas miracle.

It might be that big black cat was here early yesterday morning. I caught a glimpse of a cat in the back yard an hour or so before dawn, but when I opened the back door it took off. It was a black cat and it was big, but I can't be sure it was the missing big black cat. By day, I'm still seeing only the feral cats. If it was indeed the missing cat, he must have found another place to live, because I haven't seen him across the street at any hour. If it isn't the missing cat, who I am sure had been neutered, maybe I should worry. A new cat could be an intact tom, and I've got four feral females. The last thing I need is a dozen more kitties next spring. I wish the feral cat neuterers had gotten around to fixing them.