December 5th, 2011

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


It's the time of the usual autumnal disruption of my sleep, me waking at odd hours and sleeping again and waking again in the middle of the night or with the sun in some part of the sky where I didn't expect it to be. Last night was lost in dreams I don't remember but remember being strange, and today I found myself wandering befogged under sunny sky where I didn't find myself. I'm pretty sure I'm still stuck in one of those dreams I can't remember. Either that or under a pile of leaves.

I do recall seeing the moon very early this morning, when it was hanging out with the pine trees, but the night was too cold for me to stay out and watch it. After that everything is a blur until about two o'clock this afternoon when I woke up with the television still on. Maybe I didn't dream after all. Maybe I watched television all night. December ought to be ashamed of itself, playing such tricks on me.

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