November 19th, 2011



Not only did snow fail to fall, but the storm failed to bring any actual rain. There was a bit of mist now and then, but only enough to keep the ground damp. About an hour ago, a drizzle began. Now the bigger storm expected to arrive in the middle of next week has been downgraded, and will bring only a few showers instead of heavy rain and snow. Also, the couple of milder days that were to precede it are now expected to be chilly and showery instead.

Aside from the mist and drizzle, the only thing we've gotten from this storm is a lot of cold air. I was looking forward to a couple of days in the mid-60s, but that isn't expected to happen anymore. The whole week is going to get averaged out to monotonously dull and dismal, thanks to this slow-motion storm. Plus the chances that I'll get wet when I go shopping tomorrow have increased. Well, November, I guess. It is what it is.