November 18th, 2011



A couple of cold nights were enough to turn the walnut tree's leaves from mostly green to entirely yellow. The tougher mulberry tree is still mostly green, though the cold wind that brought the overcast this afternoon has torn hundreds of its leaves off and strewn them across the lawn. The walnut's leaves are falling in great numbers, too, piling atop the brown oak leaves I never finished raking in the back yard. The steely sky is bringing an early dusk ahead of the storm. There has been no rain yet, but a mist has dampened the streets. It might not get cold enough for snow tonight after all, but it's still going to be a wintry storm. With all this wind there could be power outages, so I'm going to get dinner over with early. I don't want to lose my electricity with a lasagna only half baked in the oven.