November 5th, 2011


The Wet

Portia caught a cicada in the garage this evening. I didn't stick around to see if she ate it or not, but when I let her in later the bug was nowhere to be seen. If she enjoys them, she will be happy that there will soon be plenty more. I've already seen a few buzzing the porch light tonight. The mass die-off should begin any time now, and if the cats eat them I won't have to be pulling the bug carcasses out of the back porch sink. That's one of the least pleasant tasks autumn brings, though it takes less time than cleaning rain gutters or raking leaves.

I won't have to go shopping tomorrow as I got it out of the way today, and barely got rained on until leaving the last store. By the time I got home the sky had opened up and sent muddy floods along the road verges, and the trees were all dripping. It has been raining ever since. Luckily, I got the gutters cleaned out before the storm arrived, so the downspouts are all singing and there is no overflow falling on the flower beds. The sourgrass will not get mashed.

There was a five minute power outage early in the evening, but none since. I hope it stays on all night. There are Internets to be seen!