November 4th, 2011



My Internets are so slow today! But then Internets are a series of tubes filled with molasses, so it's not surprising that they should slow down when a cold front passes through.

The rain didn't amount to as much as I'd expected, but it was enough to make everything soggy. Today the sun came out but failed to do much drying, so everything remains soggy. I've also developed a cold weather cough, which Portia finds annoying. If I cough while she's on my lap, she turns and gives me a baleful look. If the cough continues, she leaves my lap, and usually washes herself before settling somewhere else. I have a cat with a germ phobia!

I've restored the furniture to the back porch, and the feral cats seem pleased to have their familiar world back. The clothesline was a total loss, though. There will have to be a new one, but as a clothesline is pretty much useless around here in winter the task can wait until spring.

There were very nice cumulus clouds all afternoon, and fresh breezes, and the sky turned a splendid deep cerulean blue at dusk. I wish this season felt as nice as it looks, but I'm freezing my arse off. Too bad cold doesn't freeze love handles off.