November 3rd, 2011


Too Wet to Dry

FBI can't sleep. Clowns will eat it.

The house painting is done, just in time for the rain. The garage door was the last thing to be painted. It's going to take forever for it to dry in this weather. I don't dare put it up, and Portia is quite displeased. The garage is her exit from and entrance to the house, and when the door is up she likes to nap on it. If I let her out, she's bound to climb up onto the door and then she'll not only put claw marks all over its tacky surface, but she'll get paint on her fur and probably smell of it for days. There'd probably end up being painted kitty footprints all over the house, too.

Portia is displeased at being confined to the house and the closed garage, but the feral cats appear happy to have their back porch back. They'll be able to stay out of the rain. Unfortunately, it isn't raining hard enough to keep the black cat from across the street from coming over and eating the feral cats' food. Timmy and Farah got some of the first bowls I put out, but the other two didn't turn up until after the black cat had finished off what was left. I'll have to put something out for them, but I'm waiting to see if the rain gets heavier and sends black cat into hiding.

The whole house reeks of fresh paint. It was obviously not low-VOC paint, and the house is obviously still pretty leaky despite the new weather stripping around the doors if the smell can get in. At least my sleep won't be getting disrupted by painter noise anymore. Well, not until they come back to paint the trim, but that will probably be a quieter process, and won't happen until the weather clears up. That probably won't be for at least a week.

I must remember to put my jade plants in the house. It's going to go below freezing for the next few nights. The plants have recovered from being left out in freezing weather a couple of years ago, but I don't know if they'd survive another bout of it.

It looks like the clouds are going to open up enough to let the sun shine for the last few minutes of the day. I must go out and watch it.