November 2nd, 2011



The painters ran out of paint, so the job won't be finished until tomorrow. The back porch is still covered with a tarp and littered with equipment, and the feral cats are not happy. It's likely to rain tomorrow, too. It's possible that today was the last mild day we'll see until April. We used to get a few mild days in late fall, and occasionally even in January or February some years, but the last couple of years have been persistently cold until spring, and this year is looking a lot like them so far.

I took a long look at the crescent moon tonight. It is apt to be hidden tomorrow night, and maybe for several nights thereafter. It could be gibbous before I see it again. Considering how much frozen lasagna and ice cream I have to devour to save them from the threat of storm-related power outages, I could be gibbous before the moon sees me again. Sadly, I'll never be as bright or shiny as the moon. If only I were! Think how much energy I could save on lighting!