October 27th, 2011



We had a little earthquake a few minutes ago. It was over in two shakes of a lamb's tail. A big, pissed off lamb. There were two sudden jerks, about four seconds apart, each accompanied by a distant booming sound and the creaking of the house. I heard glasses clink in the freestanding cupboard, but nothing else rattled. Maybe the glasses were toasting their survival.

USGS is currently classifying it as a 4.8, and it was centered in the mountains between here and Reno. Maybe the glasses shouldn't be toasting each other so soon. This page (which will change and soon go away) shows that the northern and central California area has been very active for the last week or so, producing lots of little earthquakes in various localities (though this is the first one in the group that I've felt.) Swarms of little quakes are sometimes foreshocks to a larger event. I do hope the Sierra Nevada range hasn't suddenly decided to have a growth spurt. That could get nasty.