October 26th, 2011

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The wind came up last night and took hundreds of leaves off of the oak tree in the back yard. With those that had already fallen, the lawn was almost buried, so I decided to do some raking. The actual raking didn't last long. After no more than a couple of minutes, I was just using the rake to push big piles of leaves into even bigger piles.

I ended up with a mound about four feet across and twenty feet long, with peaks almost two feet high. I could have made two more such piles in the parts of the yard I didn't get around to raking. The oak has plenty more leaves to drop, and the walnut tree has barely begun to shed its cloak. The brown wheelie bins are going to be getting a lot of use over the next few weeks.

Now that the nights are chilly, Portia has returned to sleeping indoors. She had gotten into the habit of staying out most of the night. She was also using the outdoors as her litter box, but now I'm going to have to clean her indoor box more often. There's going to be more cat hair to clean up, too. Even though she shed less in cold weather, she does more of the shedding in the house. Right now she's napping on my pillow. The whisk broom is handy.