October 21st, 2011

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I let myself get so distracted that I still haven't had my dinner, and it's already nine o'clock. A few days ago I got so distracted that I sent in my telephone bill and forgot to put the check in the envelope. Fortunately, I've never yet gotten so distracted that I've gone out of the house without my pants. When that happens, it's time to go into a care home. People run around care homes without their pants all the time. In fact, that's probably the main reason people move into them— so they can run around without pants. Also so they can get their dinner on time, and have no telephone bills to pay.

Too bad I don't have all the ingredients for making burritos. A burrito would be nice.

The house got weatherized today. The doors to the outside and the garage now have seals, so there shouldn't be as many drafts as there used to be. I doubt if it will lower the heating bill by very much, the walls still being uninsulated and the windows still having single panes, but at least the rooms will be less likely to get stiff breezes blowing through them when all the windows are closed.

Six hours later:

I let myself get so distracted that I forgot to post this entry. But my pants are still on.
caillebotte_man at his window

Tooth and Claw

This is what I have come to: yesterday, two guys came and weatherized the house (I have new weatherstripping around three doors, four new energy-efficient ceiling lights, some caulked face plates on light switches and electrical outlets, caulked plumbing under three sinks, and five new compact fluorescent light bulbs) and when they checked the water heater for carbon monoxide emissions I had to move some stuff so they could reach it, and behind one of the items moved I found the potholder I lost a couple of weeks ago. It went missing from the laundry, and I kept expecting to find it stuck inside a pant-leg or shirtsleeve, but never did. Finding it made yesterday a great day. When finding a lost potholder makes your day great, you know your life has gotten pretty dull.

Today is a great day, too, and considerably less dull. That's because there is a lobster living in my refrigerator (thanks, M.) It's an unaccustomed environment for a lobster, being among celery and apples and cheese and orange juice and assorted bottles of condiments. These things are seldom found on the seabed— mostly only when there has been a riot aboard a cruise ship, and that's a rare event indeed, cruise ship passengers being notoriously prone to not rioting. If cruise ship operators want riots, they ought to have more cruises for students. They have no call to blame me for the placidity of their aged passengers!

Wait, where was I? Oh, the refrigerator. Yes, my automatic garage door quit working. I think something came detached inside the opening mechanism, and I wouldn't know how to reconnect it. A nephew or someone will be coming to look at it. Right now I'm just waiting for Portia to wake up and go outside so I can cook dinner. No way I'm cooking a lobster while the cat is in the house. It's impossible to keep her off the counter under ordinary circumstances. The smell of any sort of seafood drives her wild, and she'd probably try to climb my leg. Safety first.