October 18th, 2011

caillebotte_man at his window


The rest of the outside of the house got power-washed yesterday, in preparation for painting. A clothes line strung across one side of the back porch was taken down as part of the project, and it was coiled neatly and placed in one of the cupboards. The feral cats know how to op[en the cupboards, though, and they found the line and dragged it out to use as a toy. Now it's strung out across the porch in a mass of tangles. Well, I guess they had fun with it. Maybe I ought to get them their own length of cloths line to play with— or maybe just let them have this one and get a new one for myself.

In addition to having my sleep disrupted by the washing, it disturbed some ants who are now coming indoors and crawling about the kitchen. Probably unrelated, I've gotten a fresh mosquito bite. Mosquitoes usually aren't very common this time of year, but the recent rain followed by warm weather must have caused many of the little pests to hatch. I'm bugged. I'm bugging.

My sleep will get disrupted again today, as more preparation for painting is to be carried out. I'm not sure when the painting itself will begin, but it will be soon, and will bring another disruption to my sleeping schedule. Fortunately (as far as the painting project goes,) the rain that was expected today will fail to appear, and the remainder of the week will be sunny and mild. There might be a bit of rain next week. If there isn't, then I'll have to resume watering the yard. I'll save money on the heating bill because of the mild weather, and spend it on the water bill. Can't win.