October 13th, 2011


Another Beastly Entry

The black cat who moved in across the street prefers my yard to his own. Right now he's sleeping on a sunny patch of fresh grass next to a rose bush. Portia is not happy about it. Later, the black cat will undoubtedly go into the back yard to eat some of the food I've put out for the feral kittens, and to pester them. He obviously like female kitties. He doesn't like Portia because she's been spayed. He won't like the feral kittens once they've been spayed, either, and then there could be trouble. Not as much trouble as there'd be if the kittens didn't get spayed, but trouble nonetheless.

The day was balmy again, and the days should continue to be warm through the weekend. It would be a good time to rake some of the leaves that have fallen, but I don't feel like raking today, and doubt that I'll feel like raking anytime soon. There are too many other things to do— watching the squirrels, watching the birds, watching the feral cats. If they'd all join in, the leaves could be cleaned up in no time, but that isn't going to happen. The beasts insist on playing, and I don't want to rake leaves all by myself.

Speaking of the squirrels, I've found a couple of walnuts that are still intact but from which the husks have been removed by the squirrels. I don't know why the squirrels abandoned these nuts, but I've grabbed them for myself. They weren't hidden in any way, just lying on the lawn. My guess would be that the squirrels have either left them for me as a gift, or they have poisoned these nuts because they want the entire crop for themselves and know that the only way they'll get it is if I'm dead. Either way, I'm quite sure the squirrels know that I hate removing husks from walnuts. I should probably just eat one of the husked nuts and get it over with. If it's been poisoned and kills me, at least I won't have to worry about the kittens getting pregnant before they are spayed.