October 6th, 2011

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


It took hours to get logged in to LJ tonight. During those hours there was a thunderstorm, a hailstorm, a case of feline mass panic, a surprisingly sudden clearing, and the emergence of a bright gibbous moon. The feline mass panic was the most unexpected event. It happened just after the hailstorm, during a rather fierce downpour.Only one of the kittens had been on the porch this afternoon and evening. It was the one I haven't found a final name for, though in the past I've thought of her as scardy cat (that no longer fits as she is now braver than Tabby.) About the time my dinner was ready I looked out and saw that Timmy and Tabby had finally joined their littermate. I didn't want my dinner getting cold (or eaten by Portia, who spent the entire evening indoors,) so I waited until I was finished eating to go out and feed the feral cats.

When I opened the back door to take the food out to them, Timmy saw me and approached the door, but the other two remained sitting on the chair, staring out at the rain. The rainfall was very noisy, so they probably didn't hear the door open, but when it closed they looked around, having been startled, and suddenly freaked out. Both of them took off into the rain. Timmy saw them run and apparently caught their panic, so she took off after them, vanishing into the liquid darkness. It was the last thing I'd have expected. The former scardy cat had in fact come into the house earlier, and snooped around for several minutes before consenting to go back outdoors, and Timmy has so little fear of me that she routinely tries to trip me when I am walking.

It would not have surprised me to have Tabby panic, but for the other two to dash off into a storm simply because I'd surprised them was very strange. I called them, and made sure the sound of the food falling into the bowl was as loud as I could make it— which meant that quite a few bits of it bounced out of the bowls— but they wouldn't come back until several minutes after I went back indoors. I haven't been out since, so I don't know how they will react when they see me again, but my experience with cat panic has been that it takes them a while to get over a fright. If they become more avoidant for a while, at least I'll be able to walk across the yard without the danger of being tripped.

I'm glad the tunderstorm didn't knock out the electircity. I have six packages of lasagna and several packages of peas in the freezer, not to mention a few gallons of ice cream and some fish sticks. I can't afford to lose that stuff.

Now lets see if it takes as long to post this entry as it took to log in. I could be here the rest of the night.


We just had a sun shower. It was probably the last gift of the departing storm. The sky is clearing rapidly, and now sunlit flocks of birds are pecking at the wet earth and flying from tree to tree and chirping loudly. The air is decidedly chilly, though, and the late sun will not warm the house. I can expect the furnace to be running a lot tonight. I'm really looking forward to the next few days, which promise to bring perfect early autumn weather. There will be balmy afternoons and crisp nights, and it will be clear enough that I'll be able to watch the full moon next Tuesday night while drinking a bottle of brown ale I'll pick up on Sunday.

The storm was an excellent beginning to the season, washing away the lingering dust of summer and filling the day with damp, earthy scents. The moss that cloaks the mulberry tree's trunk and lower branches has turned deep green, and there are even a few pale green patches of fresh grass in the thatchy brown front lawn. The few cold nights have brought the first hint of red to the leaves of the dogwoods across the street. It's only a matter of days before there will be bursts of bright autumn color everywhere. Oh, and donuts. October starts with a big O, which demands donuts.

Well, the sun shower was actually about two hours ago. I got distracted and didn't post the entry. The clouds are now entirely gone, and there probably won't be much of a sunset. There will, however, be baked macaroni. Between the two, I can't say which I like best, but I'll take either.

In fact, the sun shower was now about three hours ago. LJ has been refusing to post anything for almost an hour. Stupid computers.