September 26th, 2011


On Liquidity

This evening I watered the sourgrass, even though it is now entirely brown and wilted, and probably won't turn green again until next spring. It probably wouldn't have died so early had I kept irrigating it for the last few weeks. I'm always forgetting to water the plants in the front yard. That might be because I don't have any feral cats living out there. I water the back yard because I have to fill the cats' water bowl every day anyway, so as long as I'm out there....

It's the front yard's misfortune to be unattractive to gravid feral cats. Because of that, it doesn't get watered, and then it ends up unattractive to everyone, including me. Going into the front yard is a bit depressing. I even avoid looking at it when I go out to fetch the mail or the newspaper, or put the trash bins out. When looking out the windows I can only see the trees and the upper parts of the bushes, which are fairly drought tolerant. As long as I don't have to look at the ground and the flower beds, it's not so bad.

I really should try to collect some sedums to plant there next year. Even if the yard remains mostly bare dirt, at least there'd be a few patches of something alive on the ground. Of course there's no guarantee that I'll even be here next year. Somebody might come along and make an offer to buy the house for more than it's worth. I doubt I could resist such an offer. I couldn't resist flying pigs, either. Hey, maybe a flying pig will make a good offer on the house!

OK, sedums then.