September 17th, 2011



A plant dropped a pair of seeds onto my driveway this afternoon. I watched them spiral down. They were like maple seeds, having a long wing that stretches out from the seed itself, so it can travel a long distance. We used to have maple trees in the front yard, but there are no longer any nearby. This is why am puzzled. I have no idea what plant sent these two seeds on their flight to my driveway. One way to find out would be to plant them and see what grows. If they are tree seeds, it might take quite some time before the plants become mature enough that I'll be able to see what they are. I'm very curious, though.

But I wonder if I should plant them by moonlight? They might be alien trees of some sort that feed on moonlight, and I might wake up tomorrow embowered beyond escape. Maybe I'll wait until morning to plant them.