September 15th, 2011

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Countdown to Screams

Farah hardly shows up at all anymore, but the three kittens are still hanging around in my back yard. Farah's new status as a single cat might be why I saw two strange cats in the neighborhood today. They were both across the street. One was entirely black and the other mostly white with a bit of gray. I suspect them of being tom cats, and I suspect Farah of attracting them.

I must get her fixed before she gets pregnant again, and before her pheromones attract the tom cats to the back yard where they will discover the kittens. It's also bad to have tom cats hanging around when Portia goes out front. She's spayed and won't get pregnant, of course, but the toms won't see her as female and will fight with her when they aren't fighting with each other. There's bound to be nothing but trouble until Farah goes to the vet, and the kittens will have to go soon, too. I could end up with four pregnant cats on my hands!

The day was fairly warm, but the night is cooling off quite nicely. It might be necessary to close the windows well before morning arrives. This is a pleasant change. I'll be able to wear long pants instead of these shorts, and then I won't get scratched when Portia swats at my legs as I walk by her.

The cicadas are so loud! I'm hoping they'll quiet down as the night cools. If they don't, then I won't have to worry about the tom cats tonight. I'll go crazy from the noise, and me running down the street screaming is bound to scare the cats away.