September 12th, 2011

bazille_summer scene

Time to Moon

The gutless clouds are still hanging about, not raining. They did provide a bit of intermittent shade today, so the air stayed a bit cooler than it might have done. They'll hold the heat in tonight if they stay around, though, so I can't say they've been a boon. I'd just as soon have a hotter clear day and a cooler clear night. The clouds might make tonight's full moon a bit more interesting to watch, though, as it will have something to bounce its light off of.

A squirrel spent some time in the fruitless mulberry tree this afternoon, running up and down the trunk and back and forth along the branches, peeking out from clumps of leaves. It always pleases me to see how easily squirrels manage to keep themselves entertained. They are the cats of the rodent world.

YouTube discovery: Bottleneck guitar player Sylvester Weaver's Guitar Rag, recorded 1923. I find Weaver's recordings highly appropriate to summer's heat.

The sky has turned to color of orange sherbet. Maybe it will turn the color of persimmon before going dark. Mmm, persimmons.