September 7th, 2011



It seems like the sun set awfully early this evening. Either I'm losing track of time, or the earth has started turning faster than it should be, or is tilting wrong on its axis. It's most likely me losing track of time, but the other possibilities would be more interesting. Disastrous, to be sure, but at least more interesting.

The posts for the new fence went in today. The fence itself should be going in tomorrow. It's going to be strange to see a fence back there after not having one (at least not a whole one) for so long. I don't think the feral kittens will be able to get over it yet. It will be about as high as the side fences, and I've seen one of the kittens try to scale that a couple of times and fail. They'll soon be big enough to make such a climb, but for now they are surely going to be astonished when they find themselves unable to wander out the back at will. I hope they stay in the yard while the fence is being built. If they get stuck outside it they'll have a terrible time trying to get home.

My dinner is late again. I just don't feel like cooking anything when the house is already hot, and the thought of another cold sandwich didn't appeal to me. Not even if it was on toast. I'll get around to making something eventually, though, because I want the bottle of beer that goes with dinner. When I don't use dinner as a reason to drink beer, I use beer as a reason to eat dinner. This is how I successfully avoid starving to death, but it's a complete failure as a way to avoid getting a beer gut.

It's going to stay hot through Saturday, and then after one cooler day it's going to get hot again on Monday, plus there will be clouds and a chance of thunderstorms. We've been spared any big brush fires so far this year, so I'm not very happy about the thunderstorms. In summer they never bring enough rain to keep a lightning-sparked fire from spreading. It would be annoying if my new fence burned down days after being built. Not to mention the house.

Dinner. A can of beans, I guess. It's quick.