August 30th, 2011



It's been a few days, and there's still no sign of the hurricane in California. There was a dead bird on the ground today, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't blown there by any wind. Most likely one of the cats killed it. Either that or it died of avian flu, and we are about to have an epidemic. If I get the flu and die, I'll never get to see a hurricane. I'm so disappointed.

Among other things on the ground today were fifteen walnuts. They are still in their green husks, of course. I left a few lying on the ground for the squirrels and woodpeckers, and tossed the others toward the back porch one by one. The feral kittens chased the nuts as they rolled across the lawn, then batted one or two of them around for a while before losing interest in the game. Kittens are easily entertained.

We're going to get a one-day respite from the heat wave. It hasn't been as intense as expected, and I only had to run the air conditioner for about five hours altogether, but a respite will be nice anyway. I might even take advantage of the prospect of rapid evening cooling to bake some macaroni and cheese. I need a break from the cold sandwiches.

Hey, last day of August here.