August 21st, 2011



I can barely keep my eyes open tonight. That's happening a lot lately. It would be a terrible thing if I were de-nocturnalizing. What would I do with all those unfamiliar daylight hours? How would the night get along without me? All those raccoons unnoticed, all those stars unwatched, all those crickets heard only through a veil of dreams. Not to mention the fact that I'd probably end up watching daytime television. What a fate!

For now, the crickets get some appreciation, though their slow, steady chirps threaten to soothe me to sleep, as does the purring of my cat, who has decided that this is lap time, despite my attention to the keyboard. I'm probably unlikely to nod off while in a sitting position on an armless chair (if I do, injury is likely,) but as soon as I move to the living room couch Morpheus is apt to snuff out my attention and have his way with me. Maybe I can find something very raucous to watch on television. Better than being sacked by sleep when it's barely midnight.

Oh, the balmy, soporific nights of August!

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