August 18th, 2011

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

From Hunger

The scanner is set up, and I've digitized a few old photos with it. They are still on Gladys the Laptop, so I'm not posting any of them yet. I'll wait until I have enough scanned to justify burning a CD to store them and bring them to Butch the Desktop. The reason I didn't hook the up scanner (who is as yet unnamed) to Butch is because there's no room in this room for it. There's not even a free receptacle in the surge protector, or a free wall receptacle in which to plug an additional surge protector.

So far I've only used the default setting when making scans, so I don't know what the machine might do. It will probably take me several days to discover its potentialities. Even though I have no room in this room for the scanner, I'm going to have to load its software onto Butch as well as Gladys, because the user guide is online, and Gladys has no Internets connection. Of course I could bring Gladys in here long enough to connect her to the Internets and read the guide, but I don't like the idea of hauling a laptop back and forth from one end of the house to the other each time I want to check something in it, with an elaborate shutdown and at each end, followed by a lengthy reboot at the other end. I really need to get my router set up.

Did LJ change the font size they use in the web update form? It looks oddly tiny to me, and it's freaking me out. I worry that my eyes got weird from staring at scanned photos on Gladys all evening. Or maybe my eyes got weird because I got so involved with the scanner that I forgot to eat dinner. I guess I'll end up making a sandwich again, it's gotten so late. I hope eating makes the font bigger. If it doesn't, then WTF, LJ?

That's prety much my whole day. Technology is so time-consuming. The scans have been turning out decent, though.