August 17th, 2011

bazille_summer scene


As I've been giving it a daily irrigation, the jasmine hedge still has a few blossoms on it, and even a few fresh buds about to bloom. The flowers are not sufficiently numerous to scent the night, but I can smell them if I sniff right next to them. I even got a small new crop of poppies by irrigation. There were half a dozen of them today.

Given the cost of water here, I probably wouldn't get my investment back even if I harvested them for their opiate content and sold it, but the little spots of gold are a cheerful addition to the yard. Any bright color reminiscent of spring is welcome in the browning days of late August.

Oh, the casaba was actually pretty good. Less than three bucks, so about seventy cents a slice. I can remember when I could buy a whole basket of casabas for that much, but these days three bucks seems like a bargain for a decent casaba.

Maybe the night air no longer smells of jasmine, but I can smell the forest in it, and a soft breeze is rustling the leaves. I'm going out to see some stars and watch the waning gibbous moon rise over the jagged tops of the pines.