August 7th, 2011


Sucky Weekend

The bushes in the front yard are getting spiky on top. It takes a couple of months after they've been trimmed until they start sporting this punky look. It always makes me nostalgic for the '80s. A few more weeks and they will begin rounding out again. That doesn't make me nostalgic for anything in particular. A few more weeks after that and their sides will bulge out and block the walks. That always makes me nostalgic for the time when I could walk by them without getting poked and having bits of spider web bushed onto my clothes. Then it's time to trim them again. It's a stretched out monotony.

I didn't wake up until after three o'clock in the afternoon Saturday, and I'm still trying to catch up with the time I lost to excess sleep. Well, it wasn't excess sleep, as early morning drama had prevented me from getting to sleep on time, so despite waking late I was actually short of sleep yesterday and consequently got nothing done all evening. I still feel vaguely groggy now. My late dinner will probably make me even groggier.

The bank's ATM gave me a bad time, the stores were zoos, and I forgot to buy three things instead of my usual one thing. Plus they were out of the cat food I was going to buy, so I have to arrange to get some by Tuesday or I'll have five angry cats to deal with. I might as well have spent the whole weekend drunk.

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