July 17th, 2011

caillebotte_man at his window

Yes, my life is dull. Why do you ask?

Tiny Tim is fascinated by the water coming from the hose. When I water the back yard, he watches the stream wherever it lands. He always crouches to watch, the way cats do when they are stalking prey. He hates the water itself, and if any splashes on him he runs away, but he always comes back to watch again. He apparently doesn't quite know what to make of this stuff that is so bright and noisy.

He will often glance at me briefly before returning his attention to the stream of water. He knows I'm interacting with it somehow, but I don't think he gets the nature of the connection. Perhaps he imagines that it is something that I'm trying to catch, rather than something I'm actually controlling. Whatever his puzzlement, at least he enjoys watching the watering, and it distracts him from untying my shoelaces, which is something he now does almost every time I go outside.

Kitties are very entertaining creatures, and can do a lot to enliven a dull day. Other than watering, I didn't do much of anything today, and even the watering would have been dull without Timmy to watch.

Bastille Day was three days ago.

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