July 11th, 2011

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The poppies have quit blooming, even though I've been watering them in vain hope that they will be reinvigorated. Last summer, at the peak of the season there were over a hundred blossoms at once, but this year I haven't seen more than fifty. Several of the plants produced no blossoms at all. In past years I've been able to extend the season through July using irrigation, but this year it has failed. That part of the back yard looks dismal without any poppies.

Last night I impulsively hacked off most of my hair again. It was curling under and annoying my ears, so it had to go. This time it turned out a bit uneven. If I try to even it up, it will probably end up as one of those situations where I take some from one side, then the other, than back to the first, until I'm virtually bald. Being virtually bald might not be so bad during summer, of course, and the hair would surely grow back before the cold weather returns. Plus, hats have been invented.

On the other hand, most likely nobody will ever notice my uneven hair because they'll be looking at my lopsided ears.