July 10th, 2011

caillebotte_man at his window


Thrown askew by another unexpected departure from my schedule, I lost yesterday afternoon to shopping and then lost the evening to an unintentional nap. The heat had something to do with it, too, I'm sure. The smell of dry grass and the yellow haze filtering the summer day's last light are soporifics. Even the sound of Portia romping about in the attic couldn't overcome my torpor. Don't close your eyes I told myself, but when have I listened to sound advice?

I woke with a midnight breeze whispering in my ear. The air was cool! The delta breeze that began creeping into the valley a few days ago has finally reached this far. Today the haze has differentiated into wisps of thin cloud with feathery edges, and the breezes make the leaves and flowers dance, flickering bits of sunlight about. I might be able to avoid another nap. Summer's more than naps.

White stars still hide most of the jasmine hedge's green leaves. Down the block, a big oleander bush is flaunting an abundance of pink blossoms. The rose bushes across from it are producing a new crop of flowers to replace those the deer recently devoured. Crickets in the deep shade of the flower beds begin chirping long before the sun sets, and birds swoop through the spray lawn sprinklers release, briefly disrupting the small rainbows the finer droplets have captured from the late sun. How could I sleep through this? Soon enough it will be gone, and I'll regret every moment lost to inattention. Look at those woodpeckers, making the best of the passing day.

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