July 5th, 2011



Thirsty lawn guzzling water for which I must pay. Worse, the sprinkler is badly designed, or defective. It makes way too much vapor. A huge percentage of the spray is more like fog, which goes drifting off, a vague cloud shimmering in the light of the waxing crescent moon. I've always intended to replace that lawn with something drought tolerant. Sedums, or some such thing.

They'd have to be plants that could survive the cold mountain winters, though. Such are apt to be costly themselves. I'd just let the weeds take over, but they dry out in summer and become a fire hazard. I'd probably be better off living in an apartment where I wouldn't have to concern myself with such things, but that too would be costly. Looks like I'm boxed in.

Tonight I have to be on the lookout for raccoons. Last night one of them ate three bowls of food I put out for the cats. It kept coming back every time I ran it off. The kittens would hide in the cupboard on the back porch, and Farah would sit nearby glaring at the intruder, but the raccoon would just keep eating. Then it would wash its paws in the cats' water bowl, leaving it full of mud.

The front yard is going to be full of mud, too, if I don't turn off the sprinkler soon.