July 1st, 2011


Oh, July

Turns out that raccoons probably didn't take the dead woodpeckers off the porch after all. This afternoon I found both decomposing cadavers in a far corner of the back yard. I doubt that the kittens moved them there, as the cadavers are too big. Farah must have moved them after realizing that the kittens had no interest in them. She ought to try to get the kittens a pigeon. Her mom brought Farah and her litter-mates a pigeon when they were kittens, and they munched about half of it. I have the feeling that woodpecker just isn't very tasty. I have no intention of testing this theory, however.

Its only gotten hot again for one day, and I'm tired of it already. I have less patience with summer than I have with winter. Summer's been cheaper so far, though. I still haven't resorted to turning on the air conditioner. I just wait for night, then open the windows to let in the cool air. It's a bargain.