June 30th, 2011

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Ascent of Summer

The back lawn looks like an old thatched roof. It was probably mowed too short. A few patches have some greenish stubble, but most of it is brown and dry. It smells very dry, too. It would probably have been better to have some sheep or goats come and eat the tall grass rather than having it mowed. The feral cats probably wouldn't have been as freaked out by sheep or goats as they were by the lawn mower, either. Plus I'd have gotten some fertilizer for the azaleas, which haven't bloomed at all this year.

The jasmine has produced a bumper crop. The fragrance works its way into the house even when the windows are closed. When they are open I look out half expecting to see Persians lounging in a walled garden. Farah, despite her name, is not a Persian, and the closest thing to a wall is what's left of the broken-down wooden fence. And the plants other than the jasmine itself are a pretty poor excuse for a garden. Best if I keep my eyes closed and imagine.