June 25th, 2011



I've spent quite a bit of time recently plucking nettles out of the back yard. When their seed pods dry, they leap onto any passing creature and cling. They are especially fond of hitching rides on cats, so I want to get them out of the yard before the kittens get covered with them. The kittens will still get them if they venture outside the yard, which I'm sure they soon will, but I want to minimize the hazard. I doubt they'd let me comb the nettles out of their fur as Alger used to do. Poor Alger, if he is still alive, won't have anybody to do that for him this summer. Anyway, I've gotten lots of the little stickers in my hands, and they hurt. I should have plucked them when they were smaller.

A few of summer's dry clouds have been drifting over today, but with evening the haze is returning. The only distinct clouds remaining are those piled against the mountains. At least we got a few intermittent minutes of shade out of them this afternoon before they decamped. Any shade is welcome on such a day— nettle shade excepted, of course, but only crawling insects would miss that.

The Palace Theatre in downtown Los Angeles will be 100 years old tomorrow. It was about half that age when I used to go there, but already seemed ancient. There's going to be a special screening of "Sunset Boulevard" (the theater isn't regularly open, but it's still largely intact and usable.) I'd go, but it's several hundred miles away. Lots more pictures and some mostly accurate text here.