June 20th, 2011


Reality Partly Dealt With

I've launched an account at a different bank (finally) and will close the B of A accounts as soon as the last outstanding checks clear. It's going to be such a relief to have my account at a bank that seems to be stuck in the 1950s, at least as far as the structure of their accounts goes. No fees, no minimum balance, and free checks.

Plus the new bank doesn't have any subsidiaries that sell insurance, so they won't be constantly spamming me with telephone calls the way B of A has been doing. Of course all of the new bank's ATMs are in small towns or provincial cities in California, so if I travel to any places other than those there will be ATM fees to pay. But I haven't been outside this county in 26 years, and it seems unlikely that I'll be going anytime soon, so I won't worry about that.

So that's one more bit of reality gotten out of the way. Once all the more pressing bits of reality have been dealt with, I'll be able to return to living in a fantasy world. When bees are still buzzing at nine o'clock at night because it's so hot, a fantasy world is the best place to be. I can hardly wait.