June 18th, 2011



The cat rescue people failed to return my call again. I don't think the kittens are going to get rescued. We'll be stuck with each other. I'll be feeding five cats! I'll have to eat less food myself.

One of the kittens— the one who was always most afraid of me— is getting pretty aggressive with the his litter mates. He goes toward them sideways, as cats do when they want to intimidate another cat. Gray Kitten gets very upset. Tiny Tim is less intimidated, but still doesn't like it. A couple of times Farah has pounced on the aggressive kitten when he's been giving the others a bad time, but he never learns his lesson for long. He goes back to trying to boss the others within a few minutes. I guess kittens have short attention spans.

So do I these days.


Three days until the summer solstice. The air was heavy all day, and the sky turned yellow for an hour after the sun had set. Until the waning moon rose, the sky was a patchwork of stars and thin clouds. Summer's insects buzzed and chirped, and I heard the footsteps of a few deer passing up the street. I kept thinking it had all happened before, but I couldn't tell if it was deja vu or just memory. I've been here too long.