June 14th, 2011

caillebotte_the orangerie


The mosquitoes are making up for lost time. They've probably downed a pint of my blood in the last two days (exaggeration for dramatic effect.) The ear bites are the most annoying. I hate scratching my ears. They get very tender, and then they get flushed, and that makes them itch even more.

And all this has happened despite my care in making sure I have no standing water in my yard (other than the cats' water dish, of course, and that gets changed three or four times a day.) I don't know where all these bugs are coming from. Some malevolent neighbor must be deliberately breeding them. They are probably diseased. I expect to develop symptoms of malaria at any time.

At least the sudden onset of heat has increased the appeal of the watermelon I bought some days ago. It sat mostly uneaten for several days, but now makes the perfect snack as I sit by my open window and listen to the summer crickets chirp. I might even buy another one next Sunday. There's no end in sight for the warm nights and warmer days, and clouds have become a rare luxury. It all happened so suddenly.