June 12th, 2011

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I can't get my check book to balance. That's especially disturbing when the funds are getting as low as they are these days, as I could easily end up overdrawn. Money is one of those things like shopping; I'd really rather not have to deal with it at all. Maybe I won't have to, if I spend more than I have. I might get arrested and go to prison, and then it would all be taken care of for me. Yes, perhaps prison would be the best place for me. No shopping, no banking, no check book balancing, no lawn to mow.

But California is under a court order to reduce its prison population, so they'd be unlikely to want to waste their space on a guy who had simply spent more money than he had. They'd probably sentence me to community service, and with my luck it would involve shopping or lawn mowing or arithmetic. Bugger! Or not bugger, as I wouldn't be going to prison.

I'd miss the kitties anyway. I guess I'll just have to keep adding and subtracting until the stupid check book balances.


It's frogs and crickets tonight. The crickets I expected, but the frogs are a bit of a surprise. I thought their numbers had shrunk since the last warm nights, but there they are, croaking in chorus from some wet place. The clouds are back, but there probably won't be any rain. They are thin, and the nearly-full moon is lighting them as they drift. When the air has cooled enough to send the mosquitoes into hiding I'll go out and watch the sky's light show for a while. I got quite enough bites when I was out earlier to water the shrubs.

Insects of all sorts have appeared in great numbers. I found a young cicada in the garage, moths are clinging to the window screens, and there are crane flies everywhere. Earlier, the kittens were tormenting a beetle of some sort on the back porch. Luckily for the beetle, their attention spans are not yet fully developed, and the kittens soon found other wonders to engage them. Their little world contains so much to be explored.

The jasmine is very nearly ready to bloom. The tiny, green buds are numerous, and I expect white petals to emerge from them any day now. It will be nice to have scented nights again. The gardenia season was cut short when cold, wet weather returned soon after they bloomed. I hope the jasmine doesn't suffer a similar fate. We had barely any spring, and it will be very disappointing if summer doesn't last at least a month.

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