May 9th, 2011


Brain Fatigue

Well, I forgot stuff at the store again. I have shoppers Alzheimer's. I suppose I can pick those things up tomorrow after I go to the chiropractor and get my head yanked about. They aren't heavy things. Broccoli crowns, pinto beans. Probably more that I haven't yet remembered that I forgot.

There was a list, too. How did I forget something that was written down? That means even tattooing the list on myself won't help. I need a brain implant of some sort. Something that will give me an electric shock when I pass an item on the list I've programmed into it but fail to take from the shelf. But I'd probably only forget to program the device.

Anyway, tonight I was going to have broccoli with pasta, but had to settle for pasta without broccoli. I could have used frozen peas, but they just aren't the same as broccoli. Whoever heard of pasta and peas? Oh, wait. The Internets did. But I had no basil, either. I'd have had to go out in the yard and pick some of those old yet tiny dandelion greens as a basil substitute.

I really can't cook any better than I can remember what to buy. Maybe I'll get some of my brain function back after I get my head yanked tomorrow. I won't hold my breath, though.