April 12th, 2011


Crow Saga Continues

There were two crows on the next-door neighbor's lawn this afternoon, and I'm quite sure they had yellow bills. Crows aren't supposed to have yellow bills. California magpies have yellow bills, but the California magpie also has a partly white body, and the birds in my neighbor's yard were all black. California magpie territory is the coastal valleys and foothills, anyway, and I've never seen one in this area.

So, two all black corvids with yellow bills. Naturally I named them Heckle and Jeckle. I only saw them for a minute or two, and then they flew off into an oak tree across the street, and a moment later flew away to the west. I don't know if they are mutant yellow-billed crows, or mutant all-black California magpies, or something else. Maybe Ashton Kutcher dipped their beaks in yellow paint and is hiding somewhere with his cameras to punk me. Those were definitely corvids, though.

Now I hear an owl. It's night, so I can't see it. I wonder if it's pink?