April 10th, 2011

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More of the Usual

This might be a record for forgetting to post an entry after it's been written. It was completed by six o'clock yesterday evening. Then I got distracted. almost eleven hours. Well, better late etc.

Heh. There's a Flickr group called Lapsed Catholics. Internets!

The recent rains (and intermittent snows) haven't amounted to much, but they've kept the ground soft enough that I was able to yank up some more foxtails today. I'll never get to all of them, though. They're all over the lawns, front and back, and in all the flower beds, too. I'm concentrating on the flower beds. The ones in the lawn will get mowed down anyway.

It looks as though spring is on hold again, at least until Thursday. There'll be another big gas bill next month. Even keeping the house at 66 degrees takes a lot of fuel, but I can't deal with any lower temperature. Aging joints don't like cold. They aren't fond of bending to yank foxtails, either. I'm going to put them under a hot shower for a while.
caillebotte_man at his window


My neighbor across the street (the one who may or may not be in league with the crows) has had a load of firewood delivered. Maybe firewood is cheaper in April, or maybe he just likes to have the wood all stacked and ready before the cold weather arrives later in the year. It probably is easier to shift a big pile of wood from your driveway into neat stacks behind your house when the days are still cool than during an autumn heat wave or premature winter storm. October and November are apt to bring either in these parts.

April is apt to bring either, too but right now it's only bringing a rumpled gray sky and chilly breezes. And even if the wood gets wet it will have all summer to dry off. I have a fireplace I've never used, though I'm sure it's sound. Maybe I should get a load of wood, too, before I run out of money, and before it gets too hot. I'm sure it will get hot— eventually.

I was going to buy broccoli when I went to the store today, but I forgot. I remembered the mushrooms, though. Now I'll have to have broccoli and mushrooms without broccoli. Maybe I can make cabbage and mushrooms instead. Although I've only got head cabbage, not napa, there's plenty of it on hand. But what I ought to be making is something that would help improve my memory. Preferably something that also has mushrooms in it. Mushrooms and the damp approach of spring just go together so well.

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