April 4th, 2011


Too Quiet

Orion is getting ready to leave for the summer. He's already got one foot in the pine trees almost as soon as he appears in the evening. It's been so cold and rainy this year that I haven't spent much time with him. In fact it's been a few years since I've spent much time outside looking at the stars. One thing then another interfered. Maybe I can get back to sky-watching this summer. I miss it.

The frog songs are a bit disappointing tonight. The air is still fairly mild, but I can only hear a few frogs. As much water as there is this year, I'd expect way more frogs than I can hear. Passing a nearby stream last Sunday I saw that it was full and swift. The ponds must be full, too. Maybe the frogs are so busy catching insects that they don't have time to sing.

There aren't any crickets singing yet, either. I hope the frogs aren't devouring them all.