March 30th, 2011

caillebotte_the orangerie

At Last

Sunlit sheer window curtains billowing as they are caught by a soft afternoon breeze are one of spring's most pleasant sights. The curtains are as white as the handful of clouds the bright blue sky sports.

But the clouds and curtains remind me of handkerchiefs, which reminds me that my open windows are admitting not just the first fresh air of the season, but probably the first pollen, which will soon have me sneezing. Well, no season is perfect, and for the first few days, at least, a bit of sneezing will be a small price for this long-awaited mildness.

The cats, too, are delighted by the day. Alger spent an hour stretched on the back yard walk, belly sunward, soaking up the warmth. Farah and Small Gray Cat shared the back porch without fighting. The weather must have bemused them.

When night comes there will be frogs singing, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear a cricket or two. The evening is apt to be cool, so I'll have to close my windows soon to retain all this free warmth the day has provided. I think I'll bake my last sweet potato for dinner. The oven's heat will make it possible to delay the window closing a bit, which will provide me a few more minutes of fresh spring air. Finally.