March 19th, 2011



So the pants I put on last night were too tight. Too much beer recently? This afternoon I went out to do laundry, and found clothes that I'd left in the washer from four days ago. I'd forgotten to dry them, and had worked my way down the stack of pants in my room until I'd reached an old pair that was smaller than the ones I've been wearing for the last couple of years. At least I now know I'm not getting fatter. I'm just losing my memory. That won't be a problem until I forget to put any pants on at all.

Flurries of wet snow are periodically falling, but so far they've been washed away by subsequent rain. As the evening grows colder they will undoubtedly start to stick. There could be five inches of snow by tomorrow. That means I'll probably miss my Sunday grocery shopping trip. There's no chance I'll run out of food, but if the electricity fails I'll have to do something about all the stuff I packed my freezer with last Sunday. If there's plenty of snow I'll just pack the frozen food and some snow together in a styrofoam ice chest I keep for that purpose. Snow day power failures have that saving grace. I freeze, but my food doesn't have to thaw.

Oh, crap. Here comes the thunder again. I'll have to shut down the computer. I'd go read my newspaper, but it's sopping wet again and even though it's parked over the hot air register it won't be dry until tomorrow. Book then, and weather watching.