March 9th, 2011


Oh Deer

A deer ran across my driveway while I was in the garage. I'd just let Portia out and she went to explore the yard next door. Maybe it was she who startled the deer. If I'd gone to check the mailbox instead of fetching clothes from the dryer the deer might have run me down. It crossed the driveway in two leaps, and had crossed the lawn to the next yard before I got to the garage door and looked for it. I saw its shadowy form headed down the street toward the orchard at a slower pace.

There were no other deer around, which is unusual. Most of the time they travel in small family groups. This was probably a young stag (the light was poor and I didn't get a good look at him as he flashed by) looking for a doe. It's a good thing I wasn't out there to interrupt his flight. Young stags can be aggressive.

All the frogs signing tonight are certainly not dangerous, though. I intend to spend some time listening to them. Sitting in one spot listening to them. Moving would be difficult, as I made way too much fettuccine Alfredo tonight, and it was way too good to become leftovers.