March 1st, 2011



There's wind in the treetops, but the bushes are perfectly still. The tiny waning crescent moon won't rise until late, and by then clouds will have gathered and rain will be washing the last of the snow away. I didn't get to see this snow by moonlight. Snow always looks best by moonlight. I suppose there's a chance of another snowfall in the middle of March, when the moon will be nearing the full again, but it's not very likely. I suspect that the spring weather is getting near. In a week or two it could be warming again. The next few days will be cold and frequently rainy, though.

There's an onion sprouting in my cupboard. The Internets tell me I won't get more onions if I plant it. There will be some edible onion greens that can be harvested a few times, then it will flower and go to seed. I could then try planting the seeds, but they seldom grow. I think I'll do it anyway. I have no other plans for that onion.