February 17th, 2011



Snow began falling early this morning, and by the time I woke up this afternoon there was about three inches. The trees were still white, and the oaks looked like frozen fireworks explosions. Since then it has warmed slightly, and the snow has been dropping from the trees, leaving them looking bony and decidedly un-festive. There's even a bit of rain mixed in with the snow that's falling now. The streets will get slick. Soon the sound of snow clumps dropping from branches and hitting the roof will be replaced with the sound of cars struggling to get up the street without sliding into the snowbanks left by the plow.

Although I can see the tracks where the mail truck pulled up to my mailbox, I haven't been out to check it. I forgot to fetch the snow shovel from the shed in the back yard, which is farther from the house than the mailbox is, so I can't shovel a path down the driveway and I don't want to slog through the snow to get whatever was delivered. It's probably only junk mail anyway. It can sit for a day or two. It might have to sit longer. Chances are it won't warm up enough to wash much of the driveway clear until Sunday. It's a good thing I've got lots of cans of soup on hand, not to mention a freshly made pan of brownies.

Mmm, brownies. Take a nap, Internets. Eating brownies requires my complete attention.