February 15th, 2011



Sunday the peach tree was full of blossoms. Monday the wind and rain came and began stripping them off. By this afternoon about half of them were gone. It's unlikely the insects had enough time to pollinate them all during the warmer days, and the rain and cold will continue into next week, so most likely many of the remaining blossoms are either unpollinated, or will never be pollinated even should they survive the coming storms. This is why I don't like spring to try to take over February.

The temporary capping of the broken tooth Monday was a bit rough. That particular tooth seems more sensitive than the others I've had to have crowned. Extra Novocaine failed to completely eliminate the sharp twinges that accompanied the drilling. The appointment to take the impression for the permanent crown is two weeks from Monday. That's the long appointment. The one that involves even more drilling, plus all that grinding. If the tooth is as sensitive as it was yesterday, I fear the dentist might decide that a root canal is necessary. That would be not only unpleasant, but at this point it would be a financial disaster. I'm not looking forward to the event.

After returning home with numb tongue yesterday I fell asleep, then had a late dinner, then fell asleep again. Portia thinks I'm no fun anymore. I have to agree with her. And here she'll be, stuck in the house with me for over a week while the sky releases cloud after cloud of water, liquid or frozen. The kitty will go crazy, I'm sure, and that will make two of us.