February 13th, 2011


Hello Again, February

The last mild day, today, was very nice, with puffy white clouds and lots of singing birds. The camellia bush sported several new blossoms. Within days the blossoms will sport snow. So Winter II, the sequel, will splatter itself all over the fresh green lawn and the soft, new leaves the azalea has just put on. The surprised birds will go into hiding, and the nightly frog songs will be suspended for the duration.

Well, I guess we can't have spring all through February. After all, the angle of the light has been all wrong for such balmy days. Plus, a bit of winter now will be nice to recall when broiling summer arrives in March.

Question of the day: Why has Portia taken to sleeping atop my computer tower? She's going to shed tail hair right into the fan. Cats.

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